i've had that song in my head all day.

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I'm Lyndzee. I'm a senior at Asotin High School. I have a boyfriend of ten months. His name is Nick Scarano. I love him to death. I can't stand water. I drink vitamin water, coffee, or energy drinks. gotta love zebra print. I'm a gummy bear and carmel addict. taking pictures is always fun. football season/ fall is my favorite ! i have a pet snake, named kitty. i love to travel. i like taking pictures. i like to sit and make cloud shapes. going up river is probably one of my favorite things to do. gotta love tubing.
Gender Female
Age 17
Location Spokane, WA
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Quotes We wonder why black & white photos capture our soul. I think it's cause without color, we aren't drawn to the makeup, & the color of our eyes, or our hair, or how tan our skin is. Black & white captures the innocence on ones face & the hurt they've gone through to feel vulnerability. The glow we see comes from the inside. Brightening our eyes, our skin, & our smile. It grabs the truth that liberates us.


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mm..i would have to see your profile to see if its something that can be fixed =/ do you think that would be possible? =]

By PeRRiiN on Sep 12, 2008 11:21 pm · History


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